Sesame, Sesamum indicum L., is probably the oldest cultivated plant and oldest oilseeds used in human nutrition. Sesame originates from India. Archaeological evidence suggests that the sesame seeds were highly prized oilseeds even 4000 years ago. It is widely used in medicine, cookery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, even for the preparation of alcoholic beverages.

Sesame, as the old agricultural crops, has many sorts and varieties. Indian sesame seeds are white-yellowish in colour, in contrast to the oriental sesame which has black seeds. In addition, brown and yellow seeds can also be found.

Sesame oil is among the first class edible oils. It has a very pleasant smell and taste and has very good viability. Due to the high oxidative stability, this oil is often used in the process of frying food. It is used mainly for edible purposes but it has its application  in some cosmetic products, which are specifically in need of a stable oil.

In the fatty acid composition of sesame oil oleic and linoleic acids are the most prominent, almost in equal amounts.

The antioxidants, sesamin and sesamolin, which are present in this oil and not found in  other oils, give sesame seed oil its good viability, .



















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